Nickel Free Sterling Silver Ball Earrings (7 mm)

Sterling Silver Ball Earrings (7 mm) by Nickel Smart™

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Highly polished nickel free sterling silver ball stud earrings are perfect for every occasion.

Wear them for work, casual get-togethers, or nights on the town; these classic creations are certified nickel free.

 Whether you wear them around the clock or year round, you can always wear them with confidence knowing there will never be an itchy rash.


• Nickel Free 

• Hypoallergenic 

• Sterling Silver

• Diameter: approx. 7 mm 

These earrings are guaranteed safe for those allergic to nickel. 

Product ID:  NSB-7mm


Silver (Ag) and Sterling Silver are too soft to use for producing functional objects therefore are usually alloyed with copper or other metals to enhance durability.  Other metals may include germanium, zinc, and platinum as well as other additives such as silicon and boron.

Characteristics:  Sterling Silver is typically used for jewelry.  Testing is recommended since many jewelers create their own mixtures. We test our product lines to assure they are free of nickel and will never cause a nickel allergy rash.

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