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February 15, 2016 2 min read

We’re excited to be expanding our line of genuine leather belts which have been handcrafted in the USA! After recently meeting several Amish leather crafters, NoNickel owner Michael Dow felt their commitment to quality products provided a good match for the company.  Starting with three Amish-made belt designs, we are continuing our quest for the best! 

The Catawba River Nickel Free Belt is made from English bridle leather and features a rounded domed center and handsomely stitched edging. This black leather belt has been paired with the classic Silver Square Titanium Buckle for an elite look. Not only does this nickel free dress belt have an exclusive appeal, it is a part of the select Signature Series Collection. These superlative belts have a lifetime guarantee against defects, breakage, and of course, no nickel!

The other two Amish-made belts are also Signature Series belts, but in more casual styles. The titanium buckles featured on each of the three belts are recommended by dermatologists and allergists worldwide for anyone who has suffered with an abdominal rash from nickel allergy. In fact, titanium is the material often recommended for most allergies to metal, as topical allergies to titanium are extremely rare!

The Whitewater Nickel Free Belt can be worn as a casual belt or a durable work belt. The top grain leather on this belt has been oiled and waxed allowing for water resistance and easy clean-up! Enhanced by the attractive Titanium Work Buckle, this belt has dramatic figure eight stitching in white. This is a rigid, heavy duty belt that is up to the challenges of a demanding job.

A more casual design is evident in the White Oak Nickel Free Belt which combines a rich oaky brown leather with the white figure eight stitched design. The popular Casual Titanium Buckle was chosen for this belt to accentuate its mellow style.  Also made with top grain leather which has been waxed and oiled, this belt has a firmer feel but wears well and distresses naturally for a great look.

Even from the modest beginnings of the company, the goal has always been to provide nickel allergy sufferers with high quality products that have been carefully produced and batch tested to assure they will never create a nickel allergic reaction. With our latest additions, we feel we are able to offer customers even greater variety in belt styles. No one with nickel allergy should have to settle for a plain, poorly constructed belt! Buy one of these Signature Series Belts and enjoy them for a lifetime of nickel free wear!



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