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EZ Traveler Dress Belt Set by Nickel Smart®

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Looking for sophisticated belts to make traveling easy and comfortable? You're at the right place! 

These belts' handmade straps are crafted in the USA, plus they are made from one solid piece of leather for durability. The metal-free buckle is hand sewn to the strap to avoid any additional metal. Not only will these belts have you breezing through airport security, wearing them will also assure you never suffer from another nickel or metal allergy rash.

These belts are also sold separately: CF 2.0 Black Belt and Stealth Brown Belt.


Style: The black belt features the Carbon Fiber Hook Buckle; the brown belt uses the Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle 4.0

Materials: 100% carbon fiber - Certified Nickel Free™


Color: One black, one rich brown

Edges: Dyed black edges

Width: 1⅜ inches (35 mm)

Materials: Full grain leather

Handmade in the USA

What size nickel free belt should you order?

A very small staple is used to secure the leather keepers. The staple is fully encased and will not touch your skin or trigger metal detectors.