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New! The Classified Distressed Leather Dress Belt (Gray) by Nickel Smart®

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NEW! We have upgraded the look of the Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt to include a black-painted edge to accentuate the black carbon fiber buckle. The gray shade of the leather is unique, too: in the sun, it's light gray; indoor lighting makes it look dark gray. It's like two belts for the price of one! This belt is sure to sell out quickly.

Jobs requiring high security screenings are stressful enough without having to worry about a metal free wardrobe. The Classified Belt is a zero metal belt, making it beep-free and hassle-free through metal detectors.

This handcrafted belt not only has the advantage of being durable, it is also completely free of metal. Perfect for anyone with an allergy to nickel or other metals! An essential travel companion, too - it's TSA-friendly. Those who prefer a more compact carbon fiber buckle with a comfortable, trendy strap will love this belt.

This belt is guaranteed for three years of normal wear, with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.

Style: Carbon Fiber Square Wide Pin Buckle, Certified Nickel Free™
Material: 100% Carbon Fiber

Color: Dark gray
Edges: Beveled black painted edges
Width: 1⅜ inches or 35 mm wide
Material: Full grain leather

This belt is also available in black: see The Classified Black Belt.

Handmade in the USA

What size nickel free belt should you order?

A very small staple is used to secure the leather keeper. The staple is fully encased and will not touch your skin or trigger metal detectors.