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We Make Any Exchange/Refund Easy!

We want to make it fast and simple for you to exchange or return any item. 

Your packing slip has important information that will accelerate the return, so hold on to that piece of paper until you're confident of your purchase. No Return Authorization is required!  Just ship the product back and, by completing the back side of the packing slip, let us know what you need – refund or exchange for another product.

No packing slip?  No problem! Click here and complete, being sure to add your name and email (required) and order number (if you have it) at the top of the page: NoNickel Packing Slip for Returns and Exchanges 

Returns and Exchanges

To save you time and money, please use our helpful belt sizing information to assure that you order the correctly sized belt. We will gladly exchange any belt that doesn't fit properly; however, you will be responsible for all related shipping charges. Typically, the most reasonable shipping method for returns to us is USPS First Class Mail. The following outlines our shipping charges for the exchanged product being shipped back to you:

Exchange Shipping Rates:

United States: All orders only $6.80
Canada: All orders only $16.00
Europe & Beyond: All orders only $22.00

We accept all unused products for returns and exchanges.  Belts returned in used condition are subject to a re-strapping fee, so please be careful trying on the belt.

Our products are Certified Nickel Free™ and we stand behind our unconditional guarantee that they will never test positive for nickel.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

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Need more information on our product guarantees?  Click on our helpful NoNickel Guarantee page.

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How to Measure Your Belt Size

Most of our belts are sized from the Buckle Fold to the Middle Hole. A 36” belt will have a center hole at 36” and two holes on either side of the center spaced 1” apart each. A 36” belt can be worn as small as 34” and as big as 38”.

There are several options to determine your ideal belt size.

The ideal way is to measure your waist through your belt loops. This measurement is the size of belt you should purchase (i.e. if you have a 34” measurement, order a 34” belt).

An alternative option is to measure your old belt from the  Buckle Fold to the Hole you use. If your belt measures 38” from buckle fold to the hole you use most; then order a 38” belt. This will give you a belt with 2 holes either side of the hole you use most.

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