Nickel Alert™ Convenient 2-Pk

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Nickel Alert™ (dimethylglyoxime nickel test) tests for nickel in any metal item like jewelry, watches, belt buckles. Within 30 seconds you will know if the item has nickel.

One bottle of Nickel Alert is sufficient for 100 - 150 positive tests.

Let Nickel Alert test for nickel in your jewelry–Not Your Skin!

The convenient two pack lets you keep one bottle at home for testing items and take one with you when you shop for new jewelry! Yes, test the "nickel free" jewelry to verify it really is nickel free!


Nickel Alert™ allows you to easily test for nickel in any metal item—so your skin does not have too! 

There is no cure for nickel allergy, just avoidance – Nickel Alert detects nickel so you can avoid it.  Now you can quickly and easily test for nickel in less than a minute.

Nickel Alert is safe to use on even the finest of jewelry. One bottle of Nickel Alert is enough for 100 - 150 positive tests!

Consider Testing: 

Earrings, watches, necklaces, rings, heirloom jewelry, fine jewelry, costume jewelry, “nickel-free” jewelry, buttons, belt buckles, eye glasses, silverware, zippers, jean studs and cell phones. 

Did you know your Cell Phone could also be causing a reaction on your ear or cheek? That’s right, test your cell phone for nickel with Nickel Alert!

Recommended by leading Dermatologists and Allergists



Nickel Alert contains a flammable liquid and must be shipped via Surface Mail Only; it requires ORMD labeling to ensure it is not shipped via air. These precautions can add to delivery times.


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