How To Test for Nickel

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The first step in testing for nickel is to obtain an accurate dimethylglyoxime (dmg) spot test. NoNickel’s Nickel Alert® was introduced in 2003 by parent company Athena Allergy, as the first commercially available nickel test kit. As the first pre-mixed and pre-measured dmg spot test, it is renowned for its ease of use and accuracy.

Nickel Alert is sensitive enough to detect the presence of free nickel at a level as low as 10 ppm (parts/million)—a threshold below which only individuals with the most pronounced sensitivity to nickel would experience a reaction.
Now that you have the appropriate test, all you need is a cotton swab and the metal item(s) you want to test. Nickel Alert is safe to use for even delicate heirloom items.

Follow these easy steps for an accurate test result:

  1. Apply a few drops of Nickel Alert to a cotton swab
  2. Firmly rub the moistened swab on the metal item you are testing for several seconds (15-30 seconds)
  3. Testing for Nickel on a Cell Phone using Nickel AlertObserve the swab to see if the moistened area has turned a pink, red, or purplish color – any of these colors indicates that nickel IS present in metal, and you will want to take protective measure to avoid that metallic item.

If after following the above steps you do not see a positive test result, you may continue to use the moist swab on other metal items. One bottle of Nickel Alert will provide 200+ positive tests! 

If you observe a dark gray or black color, without any hint of pink, red, or purple, this is not a positive test result. However, for observation purposes you will want to use a new swab for the next test.

Test all your metal items for nickel using Nickel Alert and save your skin from uncomfortable nickel allergy symptoms. If nickel is found, use Nickel Guard™ to provide a barrier between nickel and your skin.


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