What kind of shopper are you?  This year you need to be an early one! Ready or not, the 2020 Holiday Season is here! I don’t know about you but I think I can speak for many of us when I say I’m ready for 2020 to wrap up with the presents.

Here’s my question - What kind of shopper are you? How do you shop? Maybe you’ve never really thought about it, but we all have a process for tackling the gift-giving season.

First on our list is Susie Shopper. We all know a Susie. Susie starts plotting her shopping for the next year before she even loads the dishwasher with Christmas Day’s china. She makes a spreadsheet of what size belts everyone needs to then cross reference all shopping sales and coupons. Susie knows that NoNickel usually gives 20% off coupons on Black Friday if you subscribe to our newsletter. You can only dream of being this organized and accomplished. Well done, Susie.

Seated next to Susie is Crafty Carol. Carol has a craft room full of handmade gifts made just for you with love. The problem is Carol ran out of supplies during quarantine and now she is in a panic to find gift ideas. Poor Carol. We got you covered, girl. Carol plans to give everyone Nickel Alert for stocking stuffers so her friends and family can test any gift or items they use everyday for nickel. Nickel Alert is a game changer for anyone with nickel allergy. Carol only gives handmade gifts. After looking at Nonickel.com she fell in love with their handmade, dichroic glass earrings. This made her day. She will technically give everyone a handmade gift. They don’t need to know WHO made them. Shhhhh! Your secret is safe with us, Carol.

Andy the Aimless Wanderer is up next. Andy can be seen walking up and down the isles in the nearest big box store. If you don’t know who you are shopping for, what they want, or what they need, you are headed for an impulse buy. Next thing you know Andy has a buggy full of items but didn’t manage to get his holiday shopping complete. You need a plan Andy. Andy is sure about one thing; he only buys products Made in the USA. Nonickel.com has an amazing selection of belts. Genuine leather straps are paired with nickel free buckles in the world's largest collection of handcrafted, nickel free belts. You will find assorted styles and designs for every occasion and personal preference both casual and dressy. Distressed Belts are trending now; both casual and rugged style. All our products are guaranteed nickel free.

Lucy the List Maker Ah, Lucy. She’s my girl. I’m a Lucy. I love a list. I love a list so much I write things down that I’ve already done just so I can check them off. After I come down from a sugar high from finishing off the last of the Halloween candy, I start making my gift ideas list. It’s just a rough draft but it really helps me narrow down my shopping. Don’t worry, I’m working through my issues in therapy. Nonickel.com is a great place to start. The site is organized to make the shopping process easy and efficient. The belts are categorized by leather, made in the USA, type of buckle and you can search by size. An assortment of buckles are available: Zinc Alloy, Carbon Fiber, Titanium, and Stainless Steel.

Next up, Bargain Buyer Ben. Ben wants a deal. If it ain’t on sale, it ain’t going on the list. Who can blame Ben? This year has been tough for many. Ben knows nonickel.com is known for having great Pre-Holiday sales with up to $35 savings (plus you can use any additional coupon codes too!) His advice is don’t delay; go to nonickel.com and subscribe to their newsletter. You will get promotions, new products and sales sent directly to your inbox. Subscribe now!

Last on our list of shoppers is Greta the Gift Card Getter. Sure, some think gift cards are impersonal but I don’t see it that way. What better way to give them a gift they want than letting them get the gift they want. Plus, with nickel free belts being our specialty you may not know their style or size (after months of quarantine I don’t even know my own size). Our e-Gift card is delivered via email in minutes. Never any fees. Never expires.


I hope we have given you some great Holiday Shopping gift ideas. I hope you also had a bit of fun considering your shopping style. Our last bit of advice; no matter what type of shopper you are, this year you NEED to shop early.  It’s going to be SHIP-AGGENDON this year.

Order soon to insure you will get what you want and it arrives on time.  Also, we have 2 day Fedex for only $10 US, Canada $27 (2-4 days) and ROW $30 (3-5 days).