The difference in our products? They are Certified Nickel Free™!   


Certified Nickel Free Logo - All products are guaranteed nickel free.

 As business owners, we believe our most important contribution for the nickel allergic  population was setting the standard for "nickel free"! In the early years of our business, our goal to expand and improve our product line was met with frustration and disappointment. After contacting more than 20 manufacturers, we quickly learned they were not all trustworthy. Many manufacturers were offering nickel-free plating over nickel laden base metal; in fact it appeared to be industry standard practice.  Prototype belts were designed, ordered, and then tested.  Most tested positive immediately, while for others a gentle scrape revealed nickel.  We were concerned because we knew our customers would be the ones to suffer with this type of design.

     At that point, we decided that a standard for nickel free was needed and we were going to set it, certify it, and guarantee it!

     For us, nickel free means a product is truly free of nickel, not a product that plates over the nickel or has a minute amount of free nickel.

     Based on our desire to market truly nickel free products that our customers could trust, the Nickel Smart® brand was born and Certified Nickel Free™ the new standard of excellence was established. Long considered the experts in nickel allergy information, we leveraged that knowledge to introduce Certified Nickel Free and Certified Nickel Safe™ products; both coming with the guarantee to never test positive for nickel. We guarantee our products will never cause a nickel allergy reaction. If you ever have a problem with our products, please contact us and we will work with you to make it right.  

We welcome your comments, ideas, and continued patronage.  We appreciate your support.