Children's Nickel Free Belts

Protect your child from the discomfort of nickel allergy rash with nickel free products. These children's nickel free belts are perfect for school, church, or casual wear. If you don't see exactly what you're looking for here, try another of our collections. Many of our belts are customizable to smaller sizes, at no additional charge. Give us a call and let us see what we can do for you!


Product type
Child's Roan Mountain Distressed Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Casual brown belt for children.
Child's Smoky Mountain Belt (Black) by Nickel Smart. Zinc alloy buckle; sleek black leather strap.
Child's Smoky Mountain Distressed Leather Belt (Gray) by Nickel Smart. Thin gray strap; zinc buckle.
Save $750
Black Studded Belt V.3 by Nickel Smart. Black strap with repeating pattern of studs and grommets.
Uptown Black Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Black dress belt strap with silver-tone squared buckle.
Uptown Brown Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Brown dress belt with square, zinc alloy belt buckle.
Uptown Tan Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Light brown strap. Silver-tone zinc alloy buckle.
Brown Studded Belt V.3 by Nickel Smart. Brown leather, antiqued grommets and studs, thin buckle.
Save $1000
Peacekeeper Belt by Nickel Zero. Sleek black leather strap; shiny silver-tone center bar buckle.