Her version:

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away (New York City) a handsome sales and marketing rep (Michael Dow) who worked for a contact dermatitis company met a fair maiden (Lea) selling her wares of corticorsteroids and antihistamine/decongestant combinations at the annual ball (American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Medical Convention).

It wasn't love at first sight as you might think, it took a day or two.  The young couple talked and talked and realized they had so much in common.  They both enjoyed a very specific area of dermatology called allergic contact dermatitis.

As their love blossomed, so did their love and knowledge of contact dermatitis.  The couple traveled the country teaching dermatologists and allergists how to patch test.  The couple traveled to distant lands (Denmark, Finland and Norway) to bring back new allergens to America.  They worked with the Food and Drug Administration Biologics divisions to ensure safety and approval of new allergens.

As their love grew, so did the desire to have their own baby.  Alas, Athena Allergy, Inc was born.....along with a very beautiful little girl (Great timing, huh? New company, new baby!) 

The first product for Athena Allergy was Nickel Solution® which is a combination of Nickel Alert® (a nickel detection kit) and Nickel Guard™ (a clear coating that can be used to create a barrier between metal and skin).  The couple knew that avoidance of nickel was what doctors recommended, but how can you avoid something if you don't know where it is? That is why the test was so important and then once you knew, you could either not wear the item or use the guard to act as a barrier.

As the family and business continued to grow, the couple knew it was time for a bigger castle.  They decided to move from beautiful Northern California (no humidity) to lovely Huntersville, NC (high humidity).

One day, a distributor of Nickel Solution asked if the couple wanted to buy his company NoNickel.com.  Now, the middle aged couple knew EVERYTHING  about nickel allergy and contact dermatitis, but knew NOTHING about fashion, belts, or manufacturing.  So they said: "Sure, we would love to buy NoNickel.com"  And since that day, the couple has been working long hours to provide quality products that are guaranteed not cause a rash from nickel and answering questions about nickel allergies for people in need.

The couple decided along the way that since it was their very own company, they were going to run the company a little differently than the standard Fortune 500 company.  For example:

  • Remember the Golden Rule.  Give the best customer service possible. Treat our customers, like we want to be treated.
  • Family first.  If you happen to call during work hours, and we don't answer the phone we might be at a school function. Leave your name and number and we will call you back ASAP.
  • Be ourselves - Quirky as we might be.  Corporate speak is outlawed around here.  We will never "reach out" to you or try to "engage the customer".  If you call in for a question, we will answer it to the best of our knowledge and try to provide you with other resources that might help as well.
  • Guarantee our products -We guarantee our products will never cause a nickel allergic reaction - period.
  • Have Fun! - Seriously, life is too short.

The individuals who help to make us successful believe in the same things.

The story for this family and business is still being written as customers add to the story.


His Version:

NoNickel.com is a family owned company.  Lea and Michael Dow along with a caring staff truly enjoy speaking about nickel allergy, creating and building the world’s best nickel free belts and making a difference in our customers lives. 

We have a combined 50+ years of Dermatology and Allergy nickel related expertise.  Let our team put that knowledge to work for you.