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Hello from the Nickel Allergy Experts

Your nickel allergy symptoms brought you here and we can help take the mystery and itch out of nickel allergy.

We are a small family owned company based in beautiful North Carolina, but we are well known and trusted by dermatologists, allergists and nickel allergy sufferers worldwide.

The reason is simple: Every one of our Certified Nickel Free™ products comes with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel!

The Classified Black Leather Belt By Nickel Smart® |, nickel free, carbon fiber
Nickel free Belt | Distressed Leather | Made in USA | 1.5 inches | Genuine Leather
Ridgeline Trail Nickel Free Belt - durable genuine leather straps in distressed brown
CF 2.0 Belt By Nickel Smart® |, nickel free, hypoallergenice

iPhones Remain Possible Source for Nickel Allergy Reaction

Is your iPhone causing a rash? Learn more about nickel allergy and the presence of nickel in electronic devices.
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Does your iPhone or iPad have nickel in them? Test to find out.

Do your electronic devices contain nickel? Here's a quick and easy way to ID nickel  before your skin reacts!
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The Truth about "Nickel Free" Jewelry- why it still may contain nickel.

The "nickel free" label alone isn't enough to assure that you won't get a rash, but you can trust Certified Nickel Free!


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