Nickel Free Zinc Alloy Buckles

Nickel free zinc buckles are a popular and economical option for those allergic to nickel.  Replace your buckle with an attractive nickel free zinc buckle for no more itchy nickel rashes!


Strap Width
Bottle Opener Buckle (Black) by Nickel Smart. Black matte; bottle opener feature on one end.
Save $1349
Bottle Opener Buckle (Gunmetal Gray) by Nickel Smart. Metallic zinc alloy buckle with bottle opener.
Save $1249
Clamp Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart. Zinc alloy buckle with brushed satin finish. Gray-silver color.
Save $1000
Explorer Buckle by Nickel Zero. Square nickel-free buckle with rounded corners, natural tone finish.
Save $500
Gunmetal Gray Casual Buckle by Nickel Smart. Zinc alloy belt buckle, fits straps up to 1½ in wide.
Image of silver roller buckle. Rectangular shape. Hypoallergic. 1.5 inches wide
New in
Silver Arch Buckle by Nickel Smart. Single-prong silvery nickel-free buckle with arched end.
Save $1000
Silver Square Buckle by Nickel Smart. Squared zinc alloy belt buckle; single prong. Silver in color.
Square Wide Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart. Square zinc alloy buckle with squared corners; single prong.
Uptown Buckle by Nickel Smart. Classy zinc alloy buckle with single prong. Square shape.
Western Chip Buckle by Nickel Zero. Rectangular center-bar buckle with cut corners. Zinc alloy.
Save $1349
Women's 1 Inch Silver Buckle By Nickel Smart®, Rectangular, Nickel Free, Hypoallergenic
Zinc Roller Buckle by Nickel Smart. Zinc alloy buckle. Narrow rectangle with single pin and roller.
Save $1349