Meteorite ID™ Meteorite Testing Solution - The First Step in Meteorite Identification

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Most of our belts are sized from the buckle fold to the middle hole. A 34” belt will have a center hole at 34” and two holes on either side of the center spaced 1” apart each. A 34” belt can be worn as small as 32” and as big as 36”.
  • There are several options to determine your ideal belt size.
  • The ideal way is to measure your waist through your belt loops. This measurement is the size of belt you should purchase (i.e. if you have a 34” measurement, order a 34” belt).
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Meteorite ID™ accurately detects even trace amounts of nickel. It's sensitive enough to detect the presence of free nickel at a level as low as 10 ppm. About 95% of meteorites contain nickel, so specimens that do not test positive are likely not meteorites.

It's quick and simple - you'll see test results within seconds. A pink-red color indicates nickel and warrants further laboratory testing for positive identification. The squeezable 0.5oz bottle is easy to use and is sufficient for 200 tests.

This is a single bottle of ready-to-use dimethylglyoxime (dmg) spot test for nickel. The nickel test is pre-mixed and pre-measured for both accuracy and convenience. This reduces mess and inaccurate test results. Meteorite ID is safe and easy to use and It will not harm metal items.

Directions: Dab two drops of Meteorite ID on a cotton swab. Rub the specimen firmly for 15-30 seconds with the swab. A pink-red color on the swab indicates nickel. Make sure the surface of the specimen is clear of any dirt or debris. Do not reuse the swab.

To demonstrate a positive test, test a nickel coin. It contains 25% nickel and will turn the swab pink (nickel is detected).

Shipping Notice: Meteorite ID contains a flammable liquid and must be shipped via Surface Mail Only; it requires ORMD labeling to ensure it is not shipped via air. These precautions can add to delivery times.

Disclaimer: This method only tests for the presence of nickel and does not necessarily indicate the sample is, in fact, a meteorite. Further analysis by a professional assay lab is required to positively identify a meteorite. This test helps eliminate objects that lack the presence of nickel, which will most likely NOT be meteorites.