Carbon Fiber - an elite collection of gifts for travelers & high security workers

Belts with Zero Metal - in demand for those who navigate security checkpoints on a regular basis - plus they look absolutely amazing!


Strap Width
The Specialist Black Belt by Nickel Smart. Modern black on black style. Square carbon fiber buckle.
CF 2.0 Black Belt by Nickel Smart. All-black style. Sleek black strap, rectangular black buckle.
Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Black Belt by Nickel Smart. Solid black strap, black carbon fiber buckle.
Image of Stealth Black Leather Belt with black carbon fiber buckle.  No metal, TSA Friendly
Save $2000
The Specialist Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Bright brown leather strap; black carbon fiber buckle.
The Stealth Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Square carbon fiber buckle with pointed end. Brown leather.
Save $2000
The Classified Black Leather Belt by Nickel Smart. Black-on-black style. Full grain leather strap.
Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle 4.0 by Nickel Smart. Uniquely styled flat carbon buckle with single prong.
Save $1999
Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Dark brown strap, black edges, black buckle.
CF 2.0 Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Brown leather strap, black carbon fiber hook-style buckle.
Save $3000
Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle by Nickel Smart. Square buckle with rounded corners, single pin; metal-free.
Carbon Fiber Hook Buckle by Nickel Smart. Inset of back of hook buckle with Nickel Smart logo.
CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle. TSA friendly dress belt with unique silver-y hook buckle
Save $4001
Image of Black and brown leather belts with black carbon fiber buckles sewn on.  Belts have no metal
Image The Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt with black edges.  TSA Friendly. No Metal
Save $2996
Carbon Fiber Silver Weave Hook Buckle by Nickel Smart. Silver-tone carbon fiber rectangular buckle.
Save $1999
Zero Metal Belt Duo by Nickel Smart. One dark brown leather belt; one black. Carbon fiber buckles.
EZ Traveler Belt Set by Nickel Smart. One black belt; one sleek brown belt. Carbon fiber buckles.
Image of The Stealth Black and Brown Leather Belt set by Nickel Smart.  Nickel Free, TSA Friendly