Increasing contact dermatitis symptoms are spurring more research, as nickel allergy sufferers consider low nickel diets for possible resolution to their health issues

There is a growing concern among nickel allergy sufferers that the nickel in foods may be exacerbating their contact dermatitis and eczema symptoms.  As dermatologists continue their research into the role of diet in controlling nickel allergy problems, the public sees considerable conflicting information. 

It appears that for a small subset of people who have contact dermatitis problems, a low nickel diet can help.  Determining the foods that contain nickel may be somewhat more difficult.  NoNickel owners Michael and Lea Dow recommend that anyone who wants to pursue a low nickel diet contact a physician for current advice along with other treatment options.

Recent studies implicate some favorite Thanksgiving foods as containing significant amounts of nickel.  The good news is that turkey is not on the list!  Meats and poultry contain low levels of nickel are considered safe foods on a low nickel diet.  The traditional Christmas ham has also gotten the all clear on nickel content.

Oyster stuffing may not get a green light, as oysters are considered to have a medium level of nickel; grains score even higher on the nickel scale.  In addition, foods that are canned or subject to processing are typically higher in nickel due to their exposure to the nickel in the metals they contact. 

A study done by MELISA  reports that the levels of nickel in soil make the difference as to whether the crop grown in that soil will be high or low in nickel content.  Foods grown in India, where much research has been done on the relationship of nickel to contact dermatitis, may be much higher or lower in nickel than the same foods grown in the United States.  Foods that show a high nickel content regardless of the soil content include:  grains such as whole wheat, rye, oat, millet, and buckwheat, legumes including peas, lentils, peanuts, soya beans, and chickpeas, soy products, canned foods, and dried fruits. 

Michael Dow suggests that most people can tolerate a day of “forbidden foods” on the low nickel diet, so Thanksgiving should be a time of relaxing with family and friends rather than fixating on a low nickel diet.  However, if one’s allergist or dermatologist recommends following this diet, there are lots of low nickel options.   Studies generally concur that cheese, milk, yogurt, beets, spinach, apples, and strawberries are among the low nickel options.  Other studies recommend eating a diet high in iron and supplementing with vitamin C to reduce the absorption of nickel in the body.

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Controlling nickel allergy symptoms is a great start to enjoying the holiday season.  A visit to an allergist or dermatologist, along with products and information from should provide the help needed for a nickel free new year.