New Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic Products!

Nickel allergy never stops, neither do we!  We add new nickel free, hypoallergenic belts every month.  If you don't see what you like, give us a call and we will see if we can make it!  We are always looking for new leather belt ideas.


Product type
Freshwater pearls on black suede with French hooks. Pearl size: Approx. 10 mm Made in USA
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White Freshwater Pearls with Nickel Free French Hooks. Dewberry Earrings. Made in USA
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Freshwater pearls in rough cross shapes.  Pearls are white in color. Approximate length 3.5 cm
White freshwater pearls encased in geometric design. Dangle earring approx. length 1.5 inches.
Nickel Free French hooks with 2 swinging pearls. Total of 4 pearls. 3.5 cm in total length
The Site Manager Distressed Leather Work Brown Belt & Wallet Set by Nickel Smart. Randolph option.
Image The Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt with black edges.  TSA Friendly. No Metal
Save $2996
Brown Leather Belt with 2 rows of cream colored stitching. 1.5 inch Nickel Free Buckle
Save $500
Millennial Black Belt (Stitched) by Nickel Zero | Black leather belt, white accent stitching
Save $500
Site Manager Distressed Leather Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Distressed leather strap; nickel free.
Slick City Black Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Sleek black leather strap with a silver buckle.
Uptown Brown Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Brown dress belt with square, zinc alloy belt buckle.
Uptown Tan Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Light brown strap. Silver-tone zinc alloy buckle.
Silver Square Titanium Tan Belt by Nickel Smart. Tan dress belt for dress or professional wear.
Save $4501
The Entrepreneur Titanium Belt (Tan) by Nickel Smart. Light brown leather belt; silver buckle.
Save $5000
Entrepreneur Titanium Belt (Black) II by Nickel Smart. Silver-tone buckle; shiny black leather strap
Save $4496
Pathfinder Black Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Nickel free silver square buckle; black leather strap.
Save $500
Uptown Black Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Black dress belt strap with silver-tone squared buckle.
Titanium Work Belt (Distressed Gray) by Nickel Smart. Dark gray strap; silver-tone titanium buckle.
The Classified Black Leather Belt by Nickel Smart. Black-on-black style. Full grain leather strap.
Square Wide Pin Distressed Leather Belt (Gray) by Nickel Smart. Gray strap; raw edges; white stitch.
Save $1000