Looking for a company that keeps its promises? A company whose products you can truly trust?

NoNickel.com has become quickly become the world leader in Certified Nickel Free™ Belts sales for good reason. The fact that our quality products are guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel is the basis on which customers can build their trust. Another critical factor is the clear details provided on all product materials, so buyers never feel misled when making a purchase. 

Take a more in depth look at the key components which have built our customer confidence:

Certified Nickel Free: NoNickel batch tests all products to assure they are truly nickel free.  For us, nickel free means completely free of nickel. The metal in jewelry or in belt buckles, grommets, or studs is tested thoroughly – the base metal as well as any finish – to assure the metal is nickel free. Every product comes with the lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.

Honesty: NoNickel does not misrepresent the products we sell.  Each belt is described carefully, from the leather type to the metal used. This information is also instrumental in setting our product guarantee.  Handcrafted genuine leather belts that have been fitted with titanium buckles typically earn the Lifetime Guarantee status against breakage or defects.  Manmade leather belts with zinc buckles receive a six month guarantee against breakage or defects. Again, all products receive the lifetime guarantee to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.

Customer Service: NoNickel owners and staff strive to understand each customer concern and work diligently to resolve any issues. We have built a product line to cover the needs of other metal allergies, in addition to nickel. We will be happy to discuss personal situations and locate a product that will work for each customer. We honor our guarantees! Building loyalty comes naturally for our company as we take care of our customers.

Covering all the bases in customer satisfaction, NoNickel has grown our product lines to assure there are belts for everyone who suffers from nickel allergy.  With belts for children, teens, men, and women, no one needing a nickel free belt should have a problem finding the perfect fit.

The styles and materials continue to grow as well. For those who prefer not to purchase leather, there are manmade options. The genuine leather belts come in dress to casual styles, including this seasons’ popular distressed leather.

It has been an eye-opening experience for us, the NoNickel owners and staff, to discover the less than transparent marketing techniques of other companies who claim to sell nickel free goods. Since there are no regulations governing what can be classified as nickel free, these companies sell products that may have a nickel free plating covering a nickel laden base layer, or they may simply market what is not true. There are those who classify poor grades of leather or even manmade leather as “genuine” leather, as this has become a meaningless term. There are even some companies who market “handmade” products when no products have actually been handcrafted. While is disheartening to see the marketing tricks played by competitors, it is gratifying to work for a company that strives for honesty in all their dealings.

NoNickel is a company and a promise that can be trusted!