Shopping has become a challenge as we try to follow social distancing and stay-at-home orders. Online shopping is now the norm and delivery services are essential. So, a beautiful handcrafted gift from NoNickel will fit the bill to delight Mom and will also make your life a bit easier.

So you won't be missing all the special personal touches, NoNickel will include a handwritten note to accompany the gift (in the wording of your choice) and will wrap any jewelry gift in an organza bag. Mom is not the only one we're looking out for, you will get a 15% discount on your entire order as a special thank you to YOU! See below for details.

Nickel free jewelry is always appreciated! Our top choice this year would have to be the dichroic dangle earrings. These earrings are handcrafted in NoNickel’s home state of North Carolina. Experts are reminding us that wearing bright colors will have a positive impact on our moods. We think Mom will delight in these dazzling designs with vibrant hues!  Just the name will bring a smile, but take a look at the color in Merry Waterfalls Nickel Free Earrings.  From red to magenta to silvery pink, the colors in these earrings make them the perfect accent piece.

We always think of lavenders and pinks for Spring, so Queen Falls Nickel Free Earrings are perfect for two reasons! They offer those stunning soft colors and are perfect for making Mom feel like Queen for the Day!

If you’re looking for a nickel free necklace or pendants, hurry and buy today! These truly gorgeous gems are so full of color and depth, they are absolutely mesmerizing! Stock is running low, so make your choices soon!

We know there are some moms who would prefer a more practical gift, such as a trendy nickel free women’s belt.  There’s something about the combination of gray distressed leather with a carbon fiber buckle that seems to fit perfectly with jeans and denim capris. A top choice for Mother's Day would be The Classified Distressed Leather Gray Belt. This belt is completely metal free so Mom can breeze through TSA screens, if she ever gets back to the airport!  A zero metal belt is also ideal if Mom has allergies to multiple metals. No metal means no metal rash!

If a brown leather belt is more appealing, take a look at our newest belt, Caraway Mountain Distressed Brown Leather Belt (Stitched). This belt is a variation of the original, with an attractive finishing touch of stitched edges. The slim width makes it an ideal belt for casual wear!

Each of the gifts suggested above has been handcrafted with care in the USA. If you would like to include a handwritten note to your special someone, just add the wording in the “Add a note for your order” section at checkout. Your 15% off Promo Code is Mom20 and will be honored until Mother’s Day, May 10, 2020.

At, we continue to ship six days a week and are following all CDC guidelines to keep our family and your family safe!  We care about our customers! Happy Mother’s Day and stay healthy!