Nickel sensitive children come in contact with nickel in many different forms throughout the day. Use Nickel in School Supplies: A Must-Know Guide to help you safely navigate the school year without a skin rash.

Items that may contain nickel include: 

  •  Belts  and buckles 
  •  Binders – 3 ring and paper clip 
  •  Blue jean studs and rivets 
  •  Cell phones
  •  Coin currency 
  •  Desks 
  •  Desk organizers 
  •  Glasses 
  •  Hair accessories 
  •  Hole punches 
  •  Jewelry (including ear and body piercing) 
  •  Keys 
  •  Locks and lockers 
  •  Musical instruments- metal keys and mouth pieces 
  •  Paperclips 
  •  Pens and pencils
  •  Playground equipment
  •  Protractors 
  •  Purses and backpacks 
  •  Rulers-metal 
  •  Scissors 
  •  Spiral bound notebooks 
  •  Staplers 
  •  Watches 
  •  Zippers 

If your child has a nickel allergy, test these items with Nickel Alert®  (dmg nickel spot detection kit) if there is prolonged contact or if a rash is noticed. 

Some items like jewelry are easy to protect and continue using with Nickel Guard®

Other items like musical instruments will take a little more investigation to find a nickel free version. 

Start the school season off right. Buy Certified Nickel Free™ products. Test metal items that have prolonged contact with your child’s skin. Protect against nickel with Nickel Guard or exchange for completely nickel free version.