We don’t mean to scare you, but Halloween is frightfully full of nickel! For those of us with nickel allergy, a fun holiday can turn into an itchy nightmare.

Let us be the first to TREAT you to a discount on all your nickel free accessories, along with that essential Halloween accomplice, Nickel Solution! Use the Promo Code TREAT2019 and receive a 10 percent discount on your entire product order.

Start with the small stuff! All those cute accessories are The Usual Suspects for nickel! If nickel allergy rash is a concern, test the metal in costume jewelry, metal masks, eyeglasses, magic wands, and Super Hero belts! You may want to give your metal flashlight a quick nickel test as well, as little hands will be carrying them for a lengthy time. Nickel Solution allows you to test with Nickel Alert, then protect with Nickel Guard! It's safe, easy, accurate, and effective. Get the deets here: How to Test for Nickel.

If you’re not sure where to begin as you shop for nickel free accessories, here are a few tips straight from the Wicked Good Beltmakers of NoNickel.  Halloween is the perfect time to go stealth-mode and there is no better way to fly under the radar than our metal free carbon fiber belts! Whether dressing up on the spookiest night of the year, or just trying to easily pass through security checkpoints, these belts are made for you. It’s not Hocus Pocus, zero metal belts are achieved by hand-stitching the 100% metal free carbon fiber buckles to a handcrafted leather strap.   

Multiple metal allergies are no longer the frightful menace they once were thanks to a large selection of Titanium Belts and Buckles! Doctor-recommended titanium is Superman strong and durable as The Hulk. In fact, almost every titanium belt comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to never break or fail in any manner. These belts will carry you through October festivities for years to come!

We're thinking that our nickel free bottle-opener buckles and belts could be a Halloween party hit!  Our newest in this line is the Cold Mountain Distressed Gray Belt. These casual belts look great when worn with jeans or any casual wear! Plus they are a fun conversation piece and a possible "survival tool".

How about jewelry? NoNickel offers a line of nickel free dichroic glass jewelry that is truly magical! Our talented jewelry wizards create their earrings, necklaces, and pendants here in the USA. Gazing into the depths of this stunning glass you may feel you’re looking into a crystal ball. No fortune teller necessary, you will overcome nickel allergy rash while looking like a princess!

So many choices, so little time! Hurry this special deal turns into a pumpkin at midnight on October 31st!