Amazing deals on popular belts!  Very limited quantities and sizes! Some of these nickel free belts have imperfections, and some are being closed out to make room for new inventory.  Check the description to determine which belt is right for you, and check size availability carefully.  All belts fall under the standard NoNickel warranty and are always guaranteed to never test positive for nickel.


Product type
Austin Brown Bison Leather Belt by Nickel Smart (distressed-textured) on a model in jeans.
Save $3596
Black Balsam Knob Belt by Nickel Smart. Silver-y clamp buckle attached to solid top grain leather.
Save $1000
CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave Buckle by Nickel Smart. Signature Series label. Metal-free belt.
Save $4001
CF 2.0 Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Brown leather strap, black carbon fiber hook-style buckle.
Double Pin Square Belt by Nickel Smart. Rectangular buckle; dual prongs; black vegan strap.
Save $1000
Pathfinder Black Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Nickel free silver square buckle; black leather strap.
Save $500
Pathfinder Brown Leather Belt by Nickel Zero. Deep brown color for strap; nickel-free buckle.
Save $500
Peacekeeper Belt by Nickel Zero. Sleek black leather strap; shiny silver-tone center bar buckle.
Save $500
Silver Square Titanium Black Belt by Nickel Smart. Black leather dress belt; silver square buckle.
Save $4001
Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Full grain leather dress belt; titanium buckle.
Save $4001
Silver Square Titanium Tan Belt by Nickel Smart. Tan dress belt for dress or professional wear.
Save $4501
Entrepreneur Titanium Belt (Black) II by Nickel Smart. Silver-tone buckle; shiny black leather strap
Save $4496
The Entrepreneur Titanium Belt (Tan) by Nickel Smart. Light brown leather belt; silver buckle.
Save $5000
The Vegan Brown Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Faux-leather strap in dark brown; silvery buckle.
Save $1996