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The Stealth Black Belt by Nickel Smart®

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Fly under the radar of nickel allergy with metal free, nickel free carbon fiber belts!

The Stealth Black Belt should not be kept a secret! This handsome, high-tech belt is the answer for those with nickel allergy, other metal allergy, and/or those who regularly traverse security clearances. 

No metal means no nickel allergy rash and no metal detecting beeps. 

One year guarantee against breakage; lifetime guarantee to be nickel free! Designed to work best in the dress- to dress-casual setting.


Style: Carbon Fiber Pin Buckle 4.0
Material: Certified Nickel Free™, metal free carbon fiber 


Color: Black
Width: 1⅜  inches  (35 mm)
Materials:  Top grain leather

If you want this belt with a brown leather strap, we have it! The Stealth Brown Belt!

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