Nickel Free Belts Made in USA

Genuine leather straps are paired with nickel free buckles in the world's largest collection of handcrafted, nickel free belts. Assorted styles and designs for every occasion and personal preference.


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EZ Traveler Belt Set by Nickel Smart. One black belt; one sleek brown belt. Carbon fiber buckles.
Black Dress Belt with Titanium Buckle by Nickel Smart. Sleek black strap, strong titanium buckle.
Image of brown leather belt with silver square nickel free buckle
Save $2605
Austin Brown Bison Leather Belt by Nickel Smart (distressed-textured) on a model in jeans.
Save $3596
Ridgeline Trail Heavy Duty Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Stainless steel buckle; solid leather strap.
Site Manager Distressed Leather Brown Belt by Nickel Smart. Distressed leather strap; nickel free.
Site Manager Black Leather Belt - 1.5 inch wide strap with stainless steel buckle. Nickel Smart
Image The Classified Distressed Gray Leather Belt with black edges.  TSA Friendly. No Metal
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Image of The Stealth Black and Brown Leather Belt set by Nickel Smart.  Nickel Free, TSA Friendly
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Image of Site Manager Leather Belt Set.  Black and Distressed Brown Leather 1.5 inch strap. USA
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Image of Red Weave and Blue Weave Carbon Fiber Belt Buckles. Metal Free, TSA Friendly
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