Nickel Free Zinc Belts

NoNickel has a variety of buckles made from nickel free zinc - no more nickel allergy rash!

Zinc (Zn) is a very common element and can take many forms from metals to supplements.  It is inexpensive and is often used as a base metal and accepts various plating’s well.  

Characteristics: Zinc is a softer than steel and is easily poured into molds or casted into various shapes.  Its good corrosion resistance and low allergenicity make it an ideal choice for those with nickel allergy. 


Product type
Brown Studded Belt V.3 by Nickel Smart. Brown leather, antiqued grommets and studs, thin buckle.
Child's Smoky Mountain Distressed Leather Belt (Gray) by Nickel Smart. Thin gray strap; zinc buckle.
The Vegan Brown Dress Belt by Nickel Smart. Faux-leather strap in dark brown; silvery buckle.
Save $1996
Austin Brown Bison Leather Belt by Nickel Smart (distressed-textured) on a model in jeans.
Save $3596
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