Since the end of summer is drawing nearer and school days are close at hand, it’s time to think of  your child’s nickel sensitivity. Nickel sensitive children come in contact with nickel in many different forms throughout the day. Items may include: 

  •  Belts  and buckles 
  •  Binders – 3 ring and paper clip 
  •  Blue jean studs and rivets 
  •  Cell phones
  •  Coin currency 
  •  Desks 
  •  Desk organizers 
  •  Glasses 
  •  Hair accessories 
  •  Hole punches 
  •  Jewelry (including ear and body piercing) 
  •  Keys 
  •  Locks and lockers 
  •  Musical instruments- metal keys and mouth pieces 
  •  Paperclips 
  •  Pens and pencils
  •  Playground equipment
  •  Protractors 
  •  Purses and backpacks 
  •  Rulers-metal 
  •  Scissors 
  •  Spiral bound notebooks 
  •  Staplers 
  •  Watches 
  •  Zippers 

If your child has a nickel allergy, test these items with Nickel Alert®  (dmg nickel spot detection kit) if there is prolonged contact or if a rash is noticed. 

Some items like jewelry are easy to protect and continue using with Nickel Guard®

 Other items like musical instruments will take a little more investigation to find a nickel free version. 

Start the school season off right. Buy Certified Nickel Free™ products. Test metal items that have prolonged contact with your child’s skin. Protect against nickel with Nickel Guard or exchange for completely nickel free version.