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Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe Has Nickel Allergy

Daniel Radcliffe, Even Harry Potter Has Nickel Allergy!star of the Harry Potter film series, knows first-hand about the discomfort caused by nickel allergy.  The eyeglass frames he wore during the filming of the first movie, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, contained nickel which caused an allergic reaction.  He suffered for a week with mysterious bumps around his eyes where the iconic glasses touched his face, until allergic contact dermatitis was diagnosed.  Nickel is found in many metal products, including eyeglass frames.  

Nickel allergy is a very common form of allergic contact dermatitis, causing rashes, bumps, redness, swelling, and/or itching.  Radcliffe was fitted with hypoallergenic frames and the reaction went away.  Although titanium frames are a great option for the nickel allergic, they can be expensive.  Nickel Guard™ can be used as an inexpensive alternative to provide a barrier between the metal containing nickel and the skin.  Just a few layers of Nickel Guard™ brushed on the frames provide lasting protection from nickel.

Nickel Guard received top honors from a major medical university that specializes in allergic contact dermatitis.  In a clinical study, it proved to be the most effective in barrier protection from nickel.

NoNickel offers not only the nickel barrier, Nickel Guard, but also a simple nickel test kit, Nickel Alert™, to test metal items prior to buying or wearing eyeglass frames.  Once nickel is detected, other frames may be selected or Nickel Guard may be brushed onto the frames to create a seal between the metal and the skin.  Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard are available in a the Nickel Solution™ kit


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How to Measure Your Belt Size

Most of our belts are sized from the Buckle Fold to the Middle Hole. A 36” belt will have a middle hole at 36” and two holes on either side of the center spaced 1” apart each. A 36” belt can be worn as small as 34” and as big as 38”.

There are several options to determine your ideal belt size.

The ideal way is to measure your waist through your belt loops. This measurement is the size of belt you should purchase (i.e. if you have a 34” measurement, order a 34” belt).

How To Measure Your Belt Size

An alternative option is to measure your old belt from the  Buckle Fold to the Hole you use. If your belt measures 38” from buckle fold to the hole you use most; then order a 38” belt. This will give you a belt with 2 holes either side of the hole you use most.

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