Nickel allergy is a year round allergy.  Any time you come in contact with a metal containing nickel, you will develop a rash if you are allergic to this metal. But have you ever noticed that your symptoms are worse in the summer than winter?  This is due to sweating.  Sweating causes nickel salts from the metal to be easily transferred to the skin which causes the familiar nickel allergy rash. 

There is no cure for nickel allergy.  So it is important to identify and avoid metals that contain nickel.  A quick and easy way to do this is to use a nickel detection test like Nickel Alert®.  Nickel Alert  tests for nickel ions in any metal.  The test will not harm the metal and can be done within 30 seconds….even at the store before you buy something. 

The start of summer usually means a change of wardrobe.  Be sure to test new items that you wear or use to verify they are nickel free. Common summer time items to test 

  • sunglasses 
  • swimsuit grommets and closures 
  • purses 
  • sandals 
  • belts 
  • jewelry – including toe rings, anklets and body piercing jewelry 
  • short buttons and closures 
  • cell phones
  • lawn chairs

    If you can not avoid wearing something that contains nickel, you can protect yourself from nickel contact with Nickel Guard  Nickel Guard® is a clinically proven clear coating that you brush on the metal and it creates a barrier between you and the nickel.  Nickel Solution®  contains both Nickel Alert and Nickel Guard.

    Finally, remember it is perspiration that transfers the nickel salts that cause the rash.  If you are having a rash on your stomach, it may be caused by a belt buckle or jean buttons/snaps.  Tucking your shirt in or covering the button with fabric may help initially, but once sweating occurs, nickel salts will eventually pass thru the fabric to your skin.  So to be truly protected, either buy a nickel free belt buckle or use Nickel Guard as a barrier. 

    Enjoy your summer and stay nickel allergy safe!