Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt by Nickel Smart®

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The latest addition to our Roan Mountain line of nickel free belts has compelling features!  The handcrafted distressed leather strap improves with age, as natural oils give it unique coloring over time. Super strong leather brightens in appearance when it is pulled or bent.

With incredible comfort, original design, and the guarantee that this belt will never cause a nickel allergy rash, how can you go wrong? We just ask one favor, when everyone wants to know your secret source of distinctive nickel free belts, we hope you'll share the good news!   

A note of interest - if you've been trying to match certain distressed leather boots or shoes, this belt may be your answer!

We guarantee this product's durability for six months of normal wear.


Style:   Gunmetal Gray Casual Buckle by Nickel Smart

Material:   Zinc Alloy,  Certified Nickel Free™


Color(s):    Brown with raw edges  

Width:        1½   inches  (38 mm)

Material:   Genuine Full Grain Pull Up Leather  (Distressed Leather)

Handmade in the USA

 This belt is available in other colors as the Roan Mountain Belt and the black Smoky Mountain Belt.

If you are allergic to multiple metals, you should look at the Roan Mountain Titanium Belt - it has a lifetime guarantee against breakage, too! 

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