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Whitewater Belt by Nickel Smart™


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Dramatic combination of fine black top grain leather, white figure eight stitching, and handsome center bar titanium buckle balances the harmony between style and function in this nickel free belt.

Continuing our quest to source American-made products, this belt comes to you directly from an Amish family-owned business. Their traditions, including a strong work ethic and absolute commitment to quality, are evident in this belt.  The leather, typically used for making saddles, is extremely durable and has an oiled and waxed finish, giving it a water-resistant quality. The buckle, a centerpiece in itself, is made of allergist-recommended titanium.

Whether the name comes from a popular laid-back fly-fishing river or the challenging U. S. National Whitewater Center in our region, this belt offers relaxing comfort while overcoming the adversity of nickel allergy. This is a strong, durable belt that can be relied upon to never cause a nickel allergy reaction, as well as to never break or fail in any manner - and that's our guarantee to you!

Note: This belt strap is waxed which increases its water resistance. The wax finish remains and may be wiped down by the owner. An added benefit to the waxed finish is that it will retard dirt and grime, and can be easily cleaned. This belt is heavy duty and will remain rigid until after repeated wear.

 Our Signature Series belts are guaranteed for a lifetime of worry-free wear. 


Style: Titanium Work Buckle by Nickel Smart™
Material: Titanium, Certified Nickel Free™


    Color: Black, with beveled and dyed black edging
    Width: 1½ inches (38 mm)
    Materials:  Genuine Top Grain Leather

    Handmade in USA


      What size nickel free belt should you order?


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      How to Measure Your Belt Size

      Most of our belts are sized from the Buckle Fold to the Middle Hole. A 36” belt will have a center hole at 36” and two holes on either side of the center spaced 1” apart each. A 36” belt can be worn as small as 34” and as big as 38”.

      There are several options to determine your ideal belt size.

      The ideal way is to measure your waist through your belt loops. This measurement is the size of belt you should purchase (i.e. if you have a 34” measurement, order a 34” belt).

      An alternative option is to measure your old belt from the  Buckle Fold to the Hole you use. If your belt measures 38” from buckle fold to the hole you use most; then order a 38” belt. This will give you a belt with 2 holes either side of the hole you use most.

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