Updated 10-24-19
Maybe you’ve been reading the reports that some people are finding they are allergic to exercise…well, in fact they have been learning the hard way that they are allergic to the nickel in their fitness equipment.  A particular brand of fitness tracker has been the subject of several recent news reports stating that the metal in the tracker caused severe rashes similar to burns on the skin.  
Many people who have been diagnosed with nickel allergy are aware that there is a relationship between warmer temperatures and worsening nickel allergy symptoms.  The actual cause is perspiration which allows nickel ions to transfer more easily from metal to the skin.   With this particular fitness tracker being worn for exercise, showering, and sleeping, there is a good opportunity for any nickel ions to be contact the skin, causing those itchy, often painful rashes.  
The cause of the fitness tracker rashes was determined to be nickel found in the surgical stainless steel on the clasp and port of the tracker. This statement caused us some concern, as we wanted to assure our customers that the surgical stainless steel we use and guarantee as “Certified Nickel Safe™” is indeed safe for anyone with nickel allergy.  The difference in stainless steel lies at the point of manufacture.  Many countries do not impose any regulations on the production of stainless steel, so there is no assurance of the quality product received from those locations.  In Europe, there are governing directives that require stainless steel to contain less than .05% nickel ion migration.  
NoNickel products that contain stainless steel are noted as Certified Nickel Safe.  Any nickel in these stainless steel items is so tightly bound that it will never release to create nickel allergy reactions.  The guarantee is there for your reassurance that you can trust our products.
Another way to be reassured that your exercise equipment does not contain harmful nickel is to test the metal with Nickel Alert™.  This nickel spot test (dimethylglyoxime test) will provide a safe, fast, and accurate test result.  If nickel is found, the next step is to avoid the metal either through replacing the equipment or providing a protective barrier for the skin. While wearing gloves may be an option for larger equipment, Nickel Guard™ is a simple way to achieve that protection on small non-movable equipment parts, A lacquer developed specifically for anyone with sensitive skin, Nickel Guard has been recognized by leading experts as a highly effective barrier from nickel.  
These two essential products are offered separately or can be purchased together in the Nickel Solution™ kit.  If an uncomfortable nickel allergy rash has you ready to throw in the exercise towel, don’t!  You can resolve many of your nickel allergy challenges with Nickel Solution and the Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe products here at NoNickel.  We want to help you make living with nickel allergy easy and comfortable.