Updated 10-21-2019

Everyone here at NoNickel.com  is so excited to have our new shopping site go live. It is full of bells and whistles and designed to make the user experience easy.

After spending our summer finely tuning descriptions of the types of materials used in nickel free products, we feel confident that our customers can now make more informed decisions on the best options for their personal allergy and fashion needs.

Our first goal was to provide a clean, uncluttered, and easier to navigate site.  We want our shoppers to easily be able to browse through the new pages, use the search boxes and navigation bars and see firsthand the simplicity in selecting a new nickel free product.  A little bit like a certain car commercial, nickel free belt choices can be narrowed down through drop down boxes until the final selection is the perfect combination of the color, material, width, and price that the customer is seeking. 

We are continuing to offer an extensive inventory of nickel free belts for men, women, teens, and children, including old favorites along with new designs.  The new shopping site will make shopping for self or others fun, newsy, and productive!  We are adding new slides on our home page to periodically identify new products, special promotions, and more.

Ready to learn about the nickel free and nickel safe metals that are used to make the buckles, earrings, necklaces and pendants available on NoNickel.com?  Not only can customers read the Nickel Free Metals educational page, but each product links to the type of metal used and provides a description about the durability, allergenicity and general cost of each.

Those customers who are buying nickel free belts may already be aware that we have been offering a selection of locally handcrafted leather belts for the past several years.  The leather selections have significantly increased in the past few months!  Now available are belts made from luxurious bridle leather, soft and supple full grain leathers ,and durable top grain leather belts.  Once a customer is perusing the belt catalog, the leather types provide clickable links to descriptive information about each material.  The Types of Leather educational page is also helpful to read prior to making purchase decisions.

We want to provide customers with top quality products that are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash We believe our new shopping site continues that mission, while offering many new nickel free products in a visually appealing and easy to navigate site.