It is difficult to avoid nickel in daily life, but there are occupations and lifestyle choices that may increase the likelihood for developing nickel allergy.  Metal workers, barbers, and cashiers may be at an increased risk due to the ongoing contact with nickel in metal.  Certain musical instruments may contain nickel, even certain guitar strings may cause a nickel rash.  But the increased popularity of body piercings seems to explain an increase in sensitization for both sexes.  Piercings readily introduce nickel into the body through the piercing gun or through the nickel content in the body jewelry used. 

This Father’s Day, show your dad you understand he has been suffering silently with his uncomfortable nickel allergy rashes and that you have the solution!  A nickel free belt from NoNickel will bring relief along with a stylish, comfortable new belt!  

Our handcrafted genuine leather belts continue to grow in number, with the addition of new designs and a variety of leather choices.  There are belts for most any budget or style!  For the trendy dad who likes a rugged belt, check out the new Ridgeline Trail Belt in Brown!  A nickel free double pin roller buckle gives it the fashion twist, while the top grain leather with unfinished edges gives it a roughhewn touch. 

If dad has multiple metal allergies, try titanium!  The new Silver Square Titanium Belts are sure to please- a classic design, great-looking and comfortable full grain leather, and a durable titanium buckle!  Whether you choose the Silver Square Titanium Black Belt, the Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt, or both in a terrific gift set – the Silver Square Titanium Belt Set, you can’t go wrong!  These belts come with a lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel.  They are also guaranteed against defects and breakage! 

Has Father’s Day caught you by surprise?  If June 15th is right around the corner, don’t worry – NoNickel’s expedited shipping will help you get the gift on time!  Have it shipped to dad’s door, include  a nice note, and enjoy being Dad’s favorite this year!  

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