updated 10-25-19

We hear from a lot of moms with concerns about their kids' nickel allergies!  Whether that kid is 8 or 28, moms always want to help!  It is an honor to be considered a site that is mom-worthy!

Building a trusting relationship with all our customers starts with offering quality products that are guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.  We offer that guarantee only after products pass through our rigorous selection and testing process. Moms like knowing that we stand behind our products!

Top Ten Reasons mothers choose NoNickel for their family members:

  1. Certified Nickel Free™ and Certified Nickel Safe™ guarantee – moms love promises!  Our products come with the guarantee to never cause that uncomfortable itchy belly rash from nickel. (And we keep our promises!)
  2. Quality – the genuine leather products along with the titanium products are perfect for nickel allergy and are made to last!
  3. Design – with function as well as good looks in mind, we regularly add new styles and update other products
  4. Comfort – moms want their kids to be happy and comfortable in their new belts, so they especially love the full grain leather belts that are so soft and supple.
  5. Wide selection of products – whether  mom wants a nickel free belt for a school age child (Children’s Nickel Free Belt), a heavy duty belt for a teenager (Ridgeline Trail Distressed Brown Belt), or a pair of cute earrings that won’t cause earlobe rashes for her daughter (Princess Pink Post Earrings), NoNickel is her one stop shop!
  6. Fast and easy shopping – NoNickel’s website allows shoppers to narrow the shopping choices from color to leather-type.  When time is limited, they can shop quickly yet wisely by using the search options.
  7. Shipping – we are known for our prompt shipping policies and reasonable rates!  Customers regularly compliment the speed with which their order is received!  Not only that, we offer UPS options to get rid of that rash even faster.  Moms love that they can take care of nickel allergy problems in a hurry!
  8. Sizing – NoNickel offers lot of tips on how to get the perfectly sized belt!  Moms can check out the belt measurement tips conveniently located on a tab with each and every belt description, or she can take a few minutes to view the Belt Sizing Video (and earn a discount for watching!)
  9. Great Sales – yes, every mom enjoys a great sale!  We love to be able to offer our belts at discounts throughout the year.  Some terrific savings are happening right now, with our Attitude Combo at on sale (for two trendy belts!) and any of our distressed leather belts are a hit with teenagers!  Check the NoNickel Clearance section for monthly sales!
  10. Expert Advice – the Information pages on the NoNickel site offers an educational overview on nickel allergy, Moms who call our office know we like to talk “nickel allergy”!  We are happy to share advice and make recommendations for the products that will work for the entire family!

 Helpful Hint – Since Moms love NoNickel, why not check out some of our beautiful new earrings, pendants and necklaces for Mother’s Day?  Say thanks for all the care Mom gives you with a thoughtful NoNickel gift!