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October 05, 2015 4 min read

Our beautiful Appalachian mountains are the inspiration and namesakes for our handcrafted, genuine leather nickel free belts! Take a walk with us to discover more about these enduring mountains and our durable hypoallergenic belts!  

From the moment our first handmade nickel free belt reached the desk of NoNickel owner Lea Dow, she knew it had to share the name of one of our beloved neighboring mountains. The ancient rounded peaks of these mountains are a testament to their history, having withstood all that nature has bestowed upon them for millions of years. Ms. Dow felt this was a good analogy for those who have persevered through the trials of nickel allergy and overcome those uphill battles through the use of our Certified Nickel Free™ products. Since that "aha moment", much research (including many fun hiking, biking, and skiing expeditions) has gone into the careful naming of our genuine leather belts.  We thought that the start of autumn hiking season would be a good time to share these belts' naming history and possibly get you to enjoy all that our region of the country has to offer!

Let's travel first to Eastern America's Highest Town - Beech Mountain- a place to truly get away and have fun! Skiing, mountain biking, and hiking are all close at hand in this charming town! A refreshing hike in the cooler temperatures brings amazing views, such as this one!  Wintertime fun not only includes Beech Mountain Ski Resort, but also ice skating and snow sledding! Fall foliage pilgrimages should include a visit to the Wooly Worm Festival in neighboring Banner Elk. Perhaps you've heard that wooly worms are said to predict the winter's temperatures even better than the groundhogs forecast the arrival of Spring? Enjoy all this and much more in a place some of us consider a home away from home.

  Our belts with the Beech Mountain moniker are handcrafted from gorgeous leather then a centerpiece buckle is added. Nickel free center bar buckles really enhance the look of the leather, with a full circle showing when worn. The nickel free buckles of the Beech Mountain Belt Set have smooth, rounded edges to offer the same down-home comfort you feel when visiting Beech Mountain! 

From Beech Mountain, take a short drive over to Roan Mountain, the name given to one of our most beloved belts. Around mid-June, this area comes alive with the prolific purple flowers of the native rhododendrons. Hiking and camping opportunities abound in this natural wilderness. Whether the mountain name came from the color of Daniel Boone's horse, as he traveled through this area, or from the rustic coloration of fall flora, Roan Mountain is the perfect representation for our reddish-brown belt. The full grain leather strap is so soft, you'll think it is vintage leather. A belt that's made for an active lifestyle: comfort and freedom from nickel allergy rash are guaranteed with the Roan Mountain Nickel Free Belt. 

Given the popularity of this belt, we've added a Child's Roan Mountain Nickel Free Beltas well!                                                                                                                                   

Continue south toward Pisgah National Forest where you can scale the imposing Mt. Pisgah in a three-mile excursion. Better known for an arduous 65-mile mountainous bike race, the Mt. Pisgah recreational area can be a place of contradictions- solitude or excitement, relaxing views or extreme competition. Our Mt. Pisgah Nickel Free Belts also offer more than meets the eye. Each handcrafted leather strap is paired with a nickel free titanium buckle, gaining these belts entry into the elite Signature Series. Guaranteed for a lifetime, these belts will be repaired or replaced if they should ever break or fail in any manner. 

Pilot Mountain is a well-known regional landmark, and known to any traveler who has made the I-77 trek through our state. A monadnock or inselberg that rises out of the surrounding countryside, Pilot Mountain has been a guide through the centuries. Our Pilot Mountain Nickel Free Belt stands out with the unique look of durable Latigo leather,and is a reliable navigator away from the problems of nickel allergy.

Named for a series of scenic hiking trails in the area, our "Knob" belts offer versatile good looks in a handcrafted nickel free dress belt. For a black dress belt, see our Black Balsam Knob Beltwhose namesake hike has been named one of the Top 30 in the country! Elk Knob Brown Beltis a warm brown belt with fine detailing, and gets its name from an ecologically protected mountain with 100-mile vistas. Chestnut Knob Beltoffers the best of both worlds as it is nickel free belt in rich chestnut brown with black edging.

Naming our belts for these stalwart mountains in the beautiful Blue Ridge also spoke to us of our southern heritage. In an area where "our word is as good as our bond" and our responsibility to customers is echoed through the ranks, we want to make a statement to our customers that our products can be trusted! Our genuine leather belts are designed to look and feel good, be durable, and never cause a nickel allergy rash. So, enjoy your fall hiking and your freedom from nickel rash!