Today is the day to focus on yourself and finally resolving that irritating nickel allergy rash! Slow down, take a deep breath, and spend some time viewing the new products we’ve added just for you! We believe you’ll like what you see! 

Annoying abdominal itch? Most beltline rashes are caused by the nickel found in metallic belt buckles, but always check with your dermatologist or allergist to be sure you aren’t allergic to other metals as well. If you find you have multiple metal allergies, we have you covered for those, too! 

Our nickel free titanium belt collection is growing in popularity for several reasons. An important reason is that they are recommended worldwide by dermatologists and allergists for anyone with nickel or other metal allergy. Titanium is considered a non-allergenic metal with topical reactions extremely rare! This metal is lightweight, non-corrosive, and extremely strong.  It also looks fabulous when fitted with a handcrafted genuine leather belt strap. These pairings are known as our Signature Series Collection. The belts in this collection are perfect for anyone with multiple metal allergies and each belt and buckle in this collection comes with a lifetime guarantee to never break or fail in any manner! 

If you’ve been diagnosed with nickel allergy, there are many choices available at  Customer favorites range from the nickel free Wide Pin Black Belt which makes a great dress belt to the casual, handcrafted nickel free Roan Mountain Genuine Leather Brown Belt.  

If earlobe rash is your top concern, NoNickel has a huge array of hypoallergenic earrings that are guaranteed to never test positive for nickel. This collection offers stunning nickel free posts and unique hypoallergenic dangles. Most of the NoNickel earrings are handcrafted in the USA; check each product listing if this designation is important to you. 

We enjoy hearing from our customers about their experiences with NoNickel belts and jewelry. The added selection has certainly seemed to make an impression, so be on the alert that more new styles of nickel free belts and new hypoallergenic jewelry styles will soon be coming your way.  We believe everyone with nickel allergy should have a choice and not be relegated to uncomfortable and unfashionable products just because they are nickel free.  

Be assured that no matter which product you choose from our increasing lines of belts, buckles, earrings (and more) each one is guaranteed to never test positive for nickel. You can always be comfortable that you will be resolving your nickel rash with each and every purchase from our webstore.