A lot of us are making a conscious effort to Buy Local and Support Made in the USA this holiday season. Not only benefitting the economy, this push also seems to stem from a need to add a slower-paced, hometown feel to dizzying days of December. 

The spirit of family and tradition is alive and well at NoNickel.com and parent company, Athena Allergy, Inc.  From the company’s inception, the goal of owners Michael and Lea Dow was to fulfill a previously unmet need of the nickel allergic population-offering Certified Nickel Free™ products. Equally important was to offer the client base unparalleled customer service – from being available for questions, to providing current tips for nickel allergy control, assuring accurate and fast shipping, and resolving customer concerns. 

At the earliest stages, it was important to locally source as many materials and products as possible.  The company’s pioneer products, Nickel Solution™, Nickel Alert™, and Nickel Guard™ were formulated and produced in the US.  Identifying regional leather craftsmen and jewelry artists who shared the values of the company was essential to the overall vision.  Once these pieces were in place, customers took notice of the Made in USA collection. The stylish design and quality of the products are obvious and the objective of producing truly nickel free products has been successfully achieved. But oftentimes the comments that mean the most are those that reflect the warm welcome and customer care experienced by those in need of support. 

Nestled in North Carolina, where growth is rivaling traditional values, NoNickel owners have chosen to take the road less traveled. Their personal touch, combined with an array of amazing nickel free belts, buckles, and jewelry, make this a company to shop time and again.  Even for those who are not experiencing the discomfort of nickel allergy, the NoNickel.com site offers fashionable handcrafted belts, stunning earring designs, and other leather goods with universal appeal. 

What’s topping the Staff Favorite List at the company store this year?  Most likely, it would be the distressed leather belts now offered in three styles.  The Mt. Pisgah Distressed Leather Titanium Belt is at the top of the list.  The fact that this belt is guaranteed for life makes it an incredible gift! It also seems to be a great match for this year’s trendy distressed leather boots!  Ridgeline Trail Distressed Leather Belt sports a double pin roller buckle for a uniquely stylish twist. Not only a style statement, this buckle protects the distressed leather from undue creasing and scratching while protecting the skin from nickel allergy rash! The third distressed leather belt this season is the Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt. The latest in the always-popular Roan Mountain series, this belt offers great comfort with a relaxed, carefree style. 

For jewelry, there are three designs which were introduced this year that offer a great holiday appeal. Looking Glass Falls are handcrafted dichroic glass earrings with lots of sparkle and depth of color.  Rodanthe Earrings are beautiful red Czech glass earrings wrapped in silvery wire.  Named for a town that has a charming custom of celebrating Old Christmas, these lovely dangles are a perfect match for the holidays in more ways than one.  Wonderland Wishes Earrings have just reached the catalog pages and are promising to be a big seller year-round.  

Each of these products on the Favorites List has been handmade in the USA. The artisans and all the staff at Athena Allergy/NoNickel share in a sincere wish for a beautiful and meaningful holiday season.