You don't need the luck of the Irish to be nickel rash free! Celebrate St. Paddy's Day in nickel free style and comfort!

NoNickel leprechauns are a wee bit different than their Emerald Isle counterparts. Hard at work building nickel free belts and jewelry, these sprites are ready to grant your wish for freedom from nickel allergy symptoms!

While some leprechauns are famed for their mischievous nature and practical jokes, the NoNickel clan want customers to stop being tricked by those who only claim their products are nickel free. These clever creatures have devised a foolproof plan to assure their goods are nickel free for life! Certified Nickel Free™ means that products have been carefully sourced and tested so there is no nickel to cause an itchy red rash. (Red and green are Christmas colors and don’t have a place on their special holiday, according to the Head Leprechaun!)

You may not have to chase rainbows to find this pot of gold, but the Wearing O’ The Green is one custom you don’t want to bypass. has lovely hypoallergenic earrings so you can avoid that dreaded pinch of nickel allergy rash!

Cedar Rock Falls Earrings and Wintergreen Falls Nickel Free Earrings are designed from locally made dichroic glass in mesmerizing Rainbow Green! With these magical earrings, you get the rainbow along with the green – sounds like the perfect St. Patrick’s Day accessory!

Traveling to Dublin or County Cork to celebrate your heritage this March?  A metal free carbon fiber belt can help you ease through airport screening! Zero metal also means these belts are the solution for those who suffer from multiple metal allergies, including nickel allergy. Even better, these belts have a sophisticated look and extremely lightweight feel. After centuries of wearing those heavy gold buckles on their belts, hats, and shoes, the leprechauns are wholeheartedly endorsing this new line!

For many of you, the March 17th holiday falls right in the middle of another annual tradition – the Big Dance (aka NCAA Basketball Tournament). While cheering on your favorite team, comfort is key. Once again those little leprechauns have a word of advice – full grain leather nickel free belts! Cobbling belts has made the NoNickel elves experts on this topic. Full grain leather is not only extremely strong and durable, it is soft and comfortable. The Appalachian Mountains Nickel Free Belt Set has been referred to as “new belts wearing just like old, broken-in favorites”. They look great, they are comfortable, and they are guaranteed for life to never cause a nickel allergy reaction.

A little note for those of you who love the Nickel Smart™ Titanium Rings...they are being discontinued and are all on sale for an unbelievably low price! 

With Spring only days away, celebrate by making a new nickel free start. At, you are not only changing your luck, but changing your life for the better. Debilitating nickel allergy symptoms can be completely overcome. Trust the Certified Nickel Free products; the leprechauns have done all the work so you don’t have to worry!