Easter, Graduations, Weddings…Springtime events mean taking your fashion up a notch and for some men that spells a big problem. It’s not (always) that they don’t want to dress up, it’s that they are allergic to their belt buckle! Increasing numbers of men are reporting itchy red rashes on their abdomen as a result of a nickel-laden buckle.  Nickel is often used as an alloy in making belt buckles as it is inexpensive, durable, lustrous, and plentiful. For those with nickel allergy, this means misery.

Luckily, NoNickel.com has introduced a variety of new nickel free dress belts that come with the lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel! No nickel means it’s easy to dress up again without any fear of a nickel allergy rash. The belt designers are always following current trends, so these belts look fantastic and wear extremely comfortably.

The CF 2.0 Black Belt is the perfect dress belt for every occasion. The carbon fiber hook buckle adds instant sophistication to semi-formal or business dress events. Carbon fiber has an ultra-modern look, is extremely lightweight, and the NoNickel carbon fiber belts are completely metal free. The 100% carbon fiber buckle is hand stitched to the leather strap avoiding any use of metal which makes this belt perfect for anyone having to go through metal detector screening – Spring Break travel perhaps? Another popular carbon fiber belt is The Stealth Black Belt.  This belt has the same attractive and 100% carbon fiber composition but the buckle is a “traditional with a twist” pin buckle.

The Titanium Collection of Nickel Free Belts features almost exclusively handcrafted leather belts in either brown or black leather. If a brown belt is more to your taste, the Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt is crafted with a rich dark brown full grain leather strap edged in black while the Titanium Dress Brown Belt is made from a slightly lighter shade of brown top grain leather with the same black edging. Both belts have solid titanium buckles.

A tried-and-true dress belt is the Black Dress Belt made with a trim-to-fit strap and nickel free clamp pin buckle. This belt is ideal if ordering the correct size presents a problem.  However, NoNickel.com has carefully honed their belt-sizing guide to assure a good fit, if used as directed.

Springtime events aren’t all formal affairs, and NoNickel.com has the corner on the nickel free casual belt market.  Comfort is key in every one of the handcrafted nickel free casual belts. New to the collection are the black distressed full grain leather belts which have proven to be popular sellers. The Smoky Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and the Smoky Mountain Titanium Distressed Leather Belt have a great new look with all the comfort that a broken-in belt could bring.

The Ultimate Nickel Free Belt Set offers the best of both worlds, with one dress black belt and one brown distressed leather casual belt filling the needs for practically every Springtime event.

If a Big and Tall Nickel Free Belt has been a tough find, consider those days over. As of this writing, there were 35 individual belts in this collection with sizes ranging from 46 to 60 inches.

With all of these nickel free belts from which to choose, the only issue now is making the decision. Enjoy Spring and all the activities it has to offer, without having to endure the discomfort of nickel allergy symptoms!

 Updated 11-6-19