updated 10-26-19

Want to make a lasting impression on those who have been such an important part of your life?  Thoughtful gifts begin with knowing all about the person on the receiving end.

If that special someone has nickel allergy, a gift from NoNickel will earn their long-lasting gratitude. Moms are sad when they find are unable to wear the beautiful, but nickel-laden jewelry bestowed upon them on Mother’s Day. Many mothers will even endure a week of itchy rashy ears just to please those who gave this gift. With that in mind, consider giving nickel free dichroic glass necklaces or pendants, knowing that this mesmerizing handcrafted jewelry won’t ever cause the discomfort of a nickel allergy reaction.

How well do you know your Dad? Is he the strong, silent type who has endured an abdominal rash without ever questioning if he could be allergic to his belt buckle? Without having to ask too many questions, you can resolve this issue and give him a gift that will literally open new doors! The NoNickel Carbon Fiber Belt Collection consists of handcrafted real leather belts with metal free carbon fiber buckles hand stitched to the strap making these belts Zero Metal Belts! If a belt has absolutely no metal, it cannot cause a nickel allergy, metal allergy, or set off the metal detectors at work or in the airport.

For the grads on your list, you can feel safe with nickel free jewelry and nickel free belts. College graduates will soon be starting on their career (or at least their career search) and can use an upgrade to their wardrobe. Consider a nickel free dress belt for the guy grad or nickel free earrings for girl grads.The belt pictured, Silver Square Titanium Brown Belt features a rich brown handcrafted full grain leather strap and super strong titanium buckle. This belt is so sturdy, it comes with the Signature Series Titanium Designation meaning it has earned the lifetime guarantee against breakage or defects (and no nickel, too, of course!).

The classic Pearl Post Earrings are the perfect accessory for someone preparing for interviews or a new job. High school gals might prefer something with a more dramatic flair - Dichroic Glass Dangle Earrings come in assorted colors and an eclectic styles. 

As mentioned, strong familiarity with the recipient can allow perfect gift giving moments! But, even if you’re giving to someone that you don’t know really well, all these gift ideas and more from NoNickel.com are sure to please. As the majority of these products have been handcrafted, mostly in the USA, there is the assurance of good craftsmanship and top quality. NoNickel stands behind their products! Every product comes with the lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel. Take a look – you will likely be surprised with what you find. So many great gift ideas in one location! Keep your eyes open for sales, too, especially if you join the mailing list! Happy Spring Shopping!