OK, so you’re stranded on a desert island and can only choose two things…Hopefully that’s not the case, but carbon fiber can make traveling light, stylish, “beep-free” and rash-free, so why wouldn’t you choose it?

We know you’re pushed for time as you are frantically packing your bags and checking off your to-do list at work and at home, so here’s the quick top ten for choosing our carbon fiber belts as a great travel accessory!

If you have a few extra minutes, click the links to see our suggested nickel free belts for travel! Just a heads up - we'll be launching the carbon fiber buckles on distressed gray leather straps this summer! Check back soon; we're sure these will be flying out the door when they hit the market!

#10: Belt straps are hand cut from one solid piece of leather. Top and full grain leathers are durable and comfortable!

#9: Our carbon fiber belts are all handmade in the USA, using precision leather craftsmanship.

#8: We offers lots of choices in carbon fiber belt styles from casual to professional dress belts, but they all look so great they can go almost anywhere! An incredibly versatile belt combines carbon fiber with rich brown leather to go with everything - see our Carbon Fiber Wide Pin Brown Belt!

#7:Carbon fiber is a newcomer to the accessory market but has been renowned in sporting goods and aerospace industries. Get in on this trend!

#6: Carbon fiber has an ultra-modern appeal, with a unique, sophisticated look that can’t be replicated. Topping the style charts is our sleek, suave CF 2.0 Black Belt and CF 2.0 Black Belt with Silver Weave

#5: Our Nickel Smart® Carbon Fiber Belts are custom-made; you can only buy from us and our distributors! In other words, there aren’t many of these belts out there – be an original!

#4: Our 100% Carbon Fiber Buckles are lightweight and durable (see point number 7 above!) Carbon Fiber Pin Buckles are a traveler's friend - see ours in The Specialist Black Belt!

#3: Nickel Smart carbon fiber buckles are hand-stitched to the strap, making these zero-metal belts

#2: Beep-Free! Travel through security checkpoints without removing your belt! Zero metal! So, stealth mode? The Stealth Brown Belt is ready for you!

#1:Did we say metal free? That means NO nickel allergy rash and NO metal allergy rash to spoil your trip!

Updated: 11-6-19