Are you feeling the pressure to find the perfect Valentine Day’s gift for your loved one? Maybe you have the added concern that he or she is allergic to nickel and you definitely don’t want to be the one to give your sweetie a nickel allergy rash!

NoNickel has your back! We have so many new earrings and belts that come with our lifetime guarantee to never test positive for nickel, you will have no worries when you place an order with us! Our products are designed, crafted, and tested to assure there is no nickel content.

Buying for him? First of all, many guys don’t realize that the itchy abdominal rash from nickel can be easily resolved. So if you want to be the MVP in his life, step up to the plate and buy Certified Nickel Free™ belts and belt buckles!

Not only are the nickel free belts guaranteed to never cause a nickel allergy rash, there are many styles and colors from which to choose, and most of them are handmade in the USA. With the push to buy American, you can score on several points! The guys in our office recommend the Appalachian Mountains Nickel Free Belt Set for serious comfort in casual belts! We are also loving the lightweight feel and high tech look of the nickel free carbon fiber belts. These belts are perfect for the frequent flier as they are non-metallic!

If you’re thinking of buying jewelry, take a look at our nickel free earrings that are handcrafted here in the USA. Many of these earrings are made of dichroic glass that has been created by those same jewelry artisans. Nickel free dichroic glass earrings can guarantee that your loved one will have a unique piece of jewelry, as no two are exactly the same!

Be the loving companion who introduces nickel allergy relief into the life of your special someone! You are sure to be appreciated for your insightful thoughtfulness and your discriminating taste!