We are here to help you achieve your goal! And trust us, it really isn’t as hard as it might seem. Even though nickel is found in many metallic products, we are here to walk you through the easy steps to becoming nickel free for the new year!

Step One is to become a nickel detective! Use Nickel Alert™ to accurately test all your metal items, so you will be able to replace those items, or protect yourself from any nickel that is detected. Nickel Alert will detect even minute amounts of nickel in metal, so this step should be your number one building block to avoiding nickel for life.

Once a metallic item has been identified as containing nickel, there are several choices: discard, replace, or provide a protective barrier between the metal and your skin.  For small items, a good solution is to use Nickel Guard™, which has been clinically proven to provide safe and effective protection from nickel. Nickel Guard has been formulated without harsh chemicals including formaldehyde, toluene, and dibutyl phthalate, so it will not cause secondary skin reactions. Nickel Guard can be easily used on items such as eyeglass frames and some jewelry.

If the offending item is a belt buckle, rest assured that NoNickel has a large selection of nickel free belt buckles which can be used to replace those which contain nickel. Looking for an even easier solution? Replace the belt! We are proud to offer the world’s largest collection of Certified Nickel Free™ belts,  guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel! Most of these belts are handcrafted in the USA, with high quality leather straps and nickel free buckles. If you’re looking for a belt that will last a lifetime, why not take a look at the Nickel Free Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt which is a popular style that now comes in handcrafted full grain leather with a titanium wide pin buckle.

If earrings are your nickel allergy concern, we invite you  to take a look at some our handcrafted nickel free earrings. To start the New Year off without that red rash on your earlobes, try this popular triangular post earring, Metallah Nickel Free Earrings, or if dangles better suit your style, Sunset Beach Nickel Free Dangle Earrings will provide a warm glow without the nickel allergy itch!

It really is that easy to live a comfortable life without the discomfort of nickel allergy symptoms. If your New Year’s Resolution is to be nickel free, please know that we always resolve to take good care of our customers! We look forward to working with you for years to come and welcome your comments and suggestions!