Updated 10-23-19

It’s that time again! While Santa is finding out who has been naughty or nice, let us help YOU with your holiday gift list!

Mom will love the new nickel free dichroic glass pendants and necklaces! Handcrafted in the USA from start to finish, these dazzlers deliver! With our Jasmine Necklace Set in Silver, she will be simply stunning on New Year’s Eve! (pictured here is the Rainbow Red Ivy Pendant - a great holiday choice as well!)

Dad’s new favorite belt could well be a metal free belt. We’re recommending this belt set, Zero Metal Belt Duo. With handsome carbon fiber wide pin buckles hand sewn to handcrafted full grain leather straps these belts will get him through security checkpoints easily and in style! One in black that is a bit dressier and a casual brown strap also make these perfect for the busy traveler.

Teenaged nieces will enjoy the mixed metal, geometric design of Carolina Beach Earrings. Plus it can be a simple way to tell a teenager that you really do love her without having to embarrass her too much!

The young nephews are known to be a bit of a rough and tumble group. Get these guys a belt that will withstand their shenanigans.  The Child’s Roan Mountain Distressed Brown Belt is made from the exact same leather as the adult Roan Mountain Distressed Leather Belt and it has exceeded everyone’s expectations in looks, comfort, and durability!

Know someone who lives in their denims? Take a look at these unique handcrafted belts. Our two blue leather belts are limited editions, so you may want to buy sooner rather than later. The Bluerock Mountain Distressed Leather Belt  has a soft bluish-gray coloration and distressed leather that just gets better with time. The comfort of these belts has been compared to the feeling of wearing an old favorite belt, but this one is brand new (and stylish, too!).  We’re also offering The Classified Black Leather Belt, made from full grain leather with a subtle sheen.  It is TSA and Metal Detector Friendly.

So, we know we are missing a few people on your list, but check back – we’ll be sharing more ideas soon!