Carbon fiber is gaining a cult-like following! The high-tech look is definitely part of the appeal, but only provides a hint to why this metal is gaining such popularity.

While long-used in the manufacture of aerospace, automobile, and sporting goods products, carbon fiber has found a niche in the accessories market.

The carbon fiber belts from are in demand and for good reason:

  • NickelSmart™ carbon fiber buckles are made from 100% carbon fiber and are 100% metal free
  • Non-metallic belts make metal detector screening easier, whether at the airport or high security jobs
  • Carbon fiber belts are excellent choices for anyone with nickel allergy or other metal allergy
  • Professional, custom designed leather belts with carbon fiber buckles are rare
  • The full grain leather belt straps are handcrafted in the USA of one solid piece of leather so they are durable
  • Real leather straps offer inimitable comfort
  • The metal free carbon fiber buckles are hand sewn onto the straps; these belts have no metal to set off alarms or a metal allergy!
  • Carbon fiber is extremely lightweight and very durable
  • The look of carbon fiber has a trendy, futuristic style in a pin buckle or hook buckle.
  • The choice of black or brown full grain leather combined with either the more traditionally styled buckle or the sleek hook buckle gives the owner a craftsman-style belt, unique and metal free.

The proof is in the belts themselves, take a look at NickelSmart's carbon fiber belts. More information is also now available at