Titanium buckles take center stage on handcrafted leather straps, but the straps offer such durability and variety in styles, they make the deciding difference to the conscientious consumer. Each titanium belt is a carefully considered pairing of an unparalleled titanium buckle with the perfectly suited leather strap. Every belt has its own story, with almost all of them originating in the USA. Here are a few examples of some favorite styles:

The gleaming center bar titanium buckle complements the black bridle leather strap in AJ’s Gun Belt. This belt was born of a nickel allergic customer's desire to own a handsome yet hefty gun belt that wouldn't aggravate his allergy symptoms. This strap is almost one quarter of an inch thick, allowing for exceptional durability in holding holsters or other hardware. Performing as a heavy-duty work belt is another role well suited for this belt, which can withstand the toughest jobs of the hardest working professions. When you click the link above, you can read the outstanding reviews and hear from AJ himself!

Following a long tradition of Silver Square Dress Belts, the new Silver Square Titanium Belts are offered in black and brown full grain leather straps with a classically styled squared titanium buckle. The titanium buckles were a natural progression following the incredible response to the original Silver Square belts. The belt designer found that adding black edging to the supple full grain brown leather strap gave it a rich depth with increased versatility, much appreciated by customers. 

To set the stage for ultimate comfort, the NickelSmart Casual Titanium Buckle was paired with distressed full grain leather straps, as in the Mt. Pisgah Casual Titanium Distressed Leather Belt. Distressed leather is a hot commodity in today's market. This particular pairing was met with rave reviews. The history of the Mt. Pisgah Belt Series began when the NoNickel owner and friends conquered the namesake grueling mountain bike trails. Their accomplishment can be likened to the success customers experience surmounting nickel and metal allergy adversities.

The most important elements in every NickelSmart belt story are the components that go into making each belt. Handcrafted leather straps start with one solid piece of leather, which is hand cut then fashioned into the stylish strap. This method assures long-lasting strength and durability, which is heightened by the carefully sourced and tested high quality belt buckles. Handcrafted NickelSmart titanium belts are designated Signature Series Titanium Belts - sold with a lifetime guarantee.