Here at we are proud to hold the record for being The Official Nickel Free Workshop of the North Pole, with this being our eighth straight year.

You may be wondering what makes us special in the eyes of Old Kris Kringle? For starters, most of our nickel free belts and nickel free earrings have been handcrafted in the USA by skilled artisans (er, elves!). Their commitment to quality and style are unsurpassed in the nickel free market!

This year, Santa was particularly impressed with the dramatic increase in new nickel free belt styles that we have to offer! The new Smoky Mountain Distressed Leather Belt really caught his attention. The black full grain distressed leather has a vintage look that melds perfectly with the gunmetal gray nickel free buckle. This belt is also offered in a titanium version, the Smoky Mountain Titanium Distressed Leather Belt. Titanium is recommended by doctors around the world as a safe metal for those with nickel allergy or multiple metal allergies. Most of the NoNickel titanium products come with the Signature Series Lifetime Guarantee: no breakage, no defects, and no nickel!

One of the top requests on Santa's nickel free gift list are the NoNickel Belt Sets. Whether the set includes two nickel free belts or a handcrafted belt and wallet combination, these pairings are sure to make the recipient feel extra special (as well as always being nickel rash free!).

HoHoHo, just the name made Santa smile! His thoughts were that Merry Waterfalls Nickel Free Earrings would be the perfect gift for Mrs. Claus as the name matches her personality and the cheerful red provides a great complement to her holiday wardrobe! Helpful hint: Mrs. Claus is not the only one who would love to see our handcrafted nickel free earrings under the tree! Here are a few for you to view: Handcrafted Nickel Free Dangle Earrings.  We are also introducing a new line of Certified Nickel Safe Earrings that include a couple we think you will love and enjoy giving. Crystal Ball Post Earrings add more than a touch of glamour along with festive sparkle to the holiday season. You can never go wrong wearing or giving pearls; our Pearl Post Earrings are perfect for every occasion. These nickel safe earrings come with the guarantee to never test positive for nickel.

We’re thinking Mrs. Claus put in a good word for us to Santa, as she was very pleased to see the many great styles offered in Big and Tall Nickel Free Belts.  Don’t be surprised if Saint Nick has a brand new look this year as Mrs. C was eyeing the Smoky Mountain Titanium Black Belt which as of this writing was available in sizes up to 62 inches.

The Official Nickel Free Workshop of the North Pole is a bustling place, but never too busy to offer outstanding customer service and super-fast shipping (for all the gifts not loaded onto the sleigh, of course).  For eight years, Santa and many loyal customers have come to depend upon the quality products and lifetime nickel free guarantee offered by If you’re not already one of our beloved repeat customers, now is a great time to buy nickel free for gifts or something special for YOU!