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Why Buy Titanium Belts and Buckles?

  • Doctor recommended! Dermatologists and allergists around the world recommend titanium to patients with allergies to nickel and/or other metals; furthermore, those doctors recommend as they know us and trust our products!
  • Non-allergenic: Titanium is doctor-recommended for good reason. Reactions to this metal are extremely rare.
  • Workhorse titanium! The strength and durability of NoNickel’s 100% solid titanium buckles earn a lifetime guarantee against breakage
  • Lightweight and comfortable! Strength does not equal weight when it comes to titanium!
  • Dress, Casual, and Work Belts all in titanium! A variety of titanium buckle styles paired with solid leather straps in shades of black and brown
  • New Look! Distressed full grain brown and black leather straps are now available with titanium buckles!
  • Made in the USA: Almost every NoNickel titanium belt is handcrafted using one solid piece of top quality leather (full grain, top grain, bridle, and saddle leathers are used to make these fine belts).
  • Hand stitched buckle! Our Made in the USA Titanium Belts feature buckles which have been hand sewn to the solid leather strap assuring that titanium is the only metal on each belt.
  • Lifetime guarantee: NoNickel currently offers eighteen titanium belts with a full lifetime guarantee
  • Signature Series Titanium Belts: The exceptional quality of these eighteen belts earns them the Signature Series Belt designation; guaranteed for life against breakage or defects
  • Certified Nickel Free™- Each and every NoNickel belt is guaranteed for life to never test positive for nickel.

Why Buy Carbon Fiber Belts and Buckles from

  • 100% Carbon Fiber: NoNickel carbon fiber buckles are made of 100% carbon fiber
  • Zero Metal Belt: Our carbon fiber buckles have been handstitched to the solid leather strap to avoid any metal. Other belts often have metal closures to affix the buckles which could cause an allergic reaction
  • In demand with frequent fliers! Travel blogs recommend carbon fiber belts to make security clearance easier!
  • Beep-Free Belt! Beyond airline travel, professionals who go through metal detectors in their workplaces will love the freedom carbon fiber belts bring.
  • No Metal Allergy Possible! Zero metal means no chance of an allergic reaction to nickel or other metal!
  • Amazing Look! Carbon fiber has a unique and ultra-sophisticated look with a surprisingly lightweight feel
  • Made in the USA: Every NoNickel carbon fiber belt is handcrafted in the USA using one solid piece of full grain leather.
  • New designs! Carbon fiber has been one of the hottest belt collections in production this year, with several new designs!
  • Brown leather with carbon fiber: An irresistible combination of supple brown leather with the unique carbon fiber buckle adds so much versatility to the wardrobe! How did we ever do without it? (see the picture or check out all the Carbon Fiber Belts!)

Buying the best in titanium and carbon fiber belts has many advantages. One surprising benefit may be the accolades you will receive as this year’s Most Thoughtful Giver!