Updated 10-25-19

Warmer weather signals that it's time for unwrapping from all those layers and showing off some new styles. But for some of us, a boost in temperature also means an increase in nickel allergy symptoms that we prefer to cover up! Just in time to show some skin, those itchy red rashes or even blistering hives are front and center. Here's a simplified answer on why this takes place: as the temperatures rise, perspiration makes is easy for nickel ions to penetrate the skin resulting in uncomfortable symptoms for those who are sensitive to this metal. 

NoNickel.com has long been the favored source for all things certified nickel free and we want to share lots of solutions to keep you looking and feeling great during the warmer weather! Springtime has a lot of fun holidays and activities and nickel allergy symptoms should not keep you from enjoying this time of year! 

Our favorite spring-time nickel free jewelry  is the handcrafted dichroic glass earrings, pendants, and necklaces. The sparkling array of color is impossible to describe and not even easy to photograph! These little jewels have to be seen to understand the glimmering depths of vibrant color. Springtime favorites include Looking Glass Falls Nickel Free Earrings in Lilac and Sunburst Falls Nickel Free Earrings in Sea Blue. We think these color combinations will add an amazing boost of color to your Easter attire!

For men, nickel allergy and other allergies to metal show up around the abdominal area where their belt buckle is near the skin. Even when shirts are tucked, those who are sensitive to metal may experience a reaction. Zinc buckles are a good choice for anyone with an allergy to nickel. Zinc is an affordable choice that is available in many styles, trends for spring include the newly listed Uptown Nickel Free Belt  with three color choices, and the handcrafted Caraway Mountain Distressed Leather Brown Belt.

Those who are allergic to more metals than nickel also have some great options in titanium and carbon fiber. Titanium is dermatologist recommended for those with multiple metal allergies as reactions to this metal are almost non-existent. Titanium has the added benefit of being lightweight but incredibly durable, earning some of the NoNickel Titanium Belts  a lifetime guarantee.  The Titanium Wide Pin Black Belt pairs an attractive titanium buckle with a handcrafted leather strap, giving this belt an instant wow factor.

Our carbon fiber belts have found several  customer bases. Every carbon fiber belt is handcrafted in the USA; the 100% carbon fiber buckle is hand stitched to the belt strap so these belts are truly zero metal belts. If there is no metal, there can be no metal rash for those who are allergic. If there is no metal, there will be no beeps through security scans! Just take a look at these belts and even if you are not allergic or a frequent fliers, you will likely want to own one!  The Classified Distressed Leather Gray Belt  really shows off the inimitable look of carbon fiber.

One more tip for those who are suffering from itchy nickel rashes this season – don’t forget the building blocks to overcoming nickel allergy symptoms. First detect the nickel in the products you already own or are considering – Nickel Alert™ accurately detects even minute traces of nickel in metal. Once the nickel is detected, protect your skin when possible by using Nickel Guard™. This brush-on lacquer has been formulated to assure there are no ingredients which could cause a secondary reaction. Both products are sold separately or together as Nickel Solution®, and are proudly made in the USA!