Does your summer seem to be full of itchy rashes and bumps? Between mosquito bites, poison ivy, and sunburned skin there is more than enough discomfort interfering with your well-deserved relaxation.

One uncomfortable itch that you can always avoid is the irritation that comes from nickel allergy. The summertime heat can definitely bring on nickel rash, as perspiration serves as a conduit between nickel and your skin. For the first time you may notice that your ultra-cool metallic sunglasses are causing a red rash right across the bridge of your nose!

If an itchy abdominal rash is causing embarrassment at the beach or pool, take a look at the obvious culprits – belt buckles and any metal such as rivets on pants, shorts, and jeans. You don’t have to lose the belt this summer, just switch off to nickel free. NoNickel has a new and growing collection of nickel free belts for men,  women,  teens, and  kids. There are lots of big and tall nickel free belt sizes too! Each product sold on NoNickel comes with the guarantee that it will never test positive for nickel. Summertime favorite belts would have to be the new Silver Square Cappuccino Belt – the lighter color blends well with summer fabrics and the buckle has a lifetime guarantee to be nickel free!  Another great belt color is the distressed blue full grain leather belt Bluerock Mountain Distressed Leather Belt. This is THE belt to go with jeans paired with a crisp white shirt, perfect for those cool evenings! Both of these belts are handcrafted in the USA using solid leather for the straps.

If your ears are sporting a red rash from nickel-laden earrings, check out the gorgeous colors of dichroic glass in the Nickel Free Earring Collection. Perfect summertime accessories, this jewelry sparkles in sunlight and has a special glow by candlelight; plus there is the same promise that these earrings won't be irritating your skin from nickel allergy!

Back to those new sunglasses – we know you want to keep wearing them ‘cause they look so great, and we have the answer: Nickel Guard™ protective barrier. This amazing brush-on lacquer provides long lasting protection from the nickel in metal items. It is safe to use for any type of metal, and has been clinically tested and proven to be an effective tool against nickel allergy rash. Furthermore it does not contain harmful chemicals that would aggravate sensitive skin.  To get more bang for your buck, consider buying Nickel Guard with Nickel Alert® in a nickel allergy test kit, Nickel Solution®. These two items are pretty much indispensable for nickel allergy sufferers – use Nickel Alert to test metal to see if it contains nickel, then use Nickel Guard for those items you already own that contain nickel so you can protect your skin.

Take this advice (along with some bug spray, calamine lotion, and good sunscreen) and ENJOY your summer!